The key to life

by Volker Weber

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.
— John Lennon

John Lennon was shot dead on this day 34 years ago in front of his home in New York City.


Irgendwo habe ich noch eine VHS-Kassette mit Hi Hi Help drauf. Die Ansagerin (sic!) sagt sinngemäß: "Heute, anlässlich des tragischen Todes von John Lennon..."

Ist so ne Kindheitserinnerung...

Markus Mews, 2014-12-08

That was a few years before I was born.

Anyway, I'll just leave that here:


Daniel Haferkorn, 2014-12-09

I hope they keep his murderer Mark David Chapman in jail for the rest of his life. If they ever release him, he wouldn't last a day after release or even a day in prison in the general population.

I didn't always like Lennons music, but I respected him as a person.


Ian Randall, 2014-12-09

Am Abend des 8.12.1980 gingen Hunderte in die Darmstädter "Krone", um stundenlang ausschließlich Beatles- und Lennon-Songs zu hören. Die besondere Stimmung dieses Krone-Abends werde ich nie vergessen. Ich war damals 25. Fühlt sich an wie "... das war doch erst neulich ..." ?

Stephan Perthes, 2014-12-09

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