This week in Ello

by Volker Weber

Over the last few days we had a few people with attention issues doing bad things, so we nuked their accounts. We will continue to do this without apology. The Ello community has zero tolerance for abuse.

You can help keep Ello safe by flagging people who make inappropriate posts so we can recommend them to a good psychologist.

I love this place.

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Maybe one day they'll let me in.

Ian Bradbury, 2014-12-11

That was easy, eh?

Volker Weber, 2014-12-11

Thank you for the gift.

Ian Bradbury, 2014-12-11

It's free. As in free beer.

Volker Weber, 2014-12-11

Um, any more of this free beer available? :-)

Alexander Siemes, 2014-12-14

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