by Volker Weber


While we are waiting for the Denim Update and Lumia Camera 5, you can now buy a 'gold' edition of the 830 and the 930. And with 'gold' Microsoft means anodized aluminium.

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"And with 'gold' Microsoft means anodized aluminium."
Microsoft only acquired Nokia, not Vertu ;-)

Manfred Wiktorin, 2015-01-08

and it still says 'Nokia' on the white backcover...

Samuel Orsenne, 2015-01-08

Das wird es sein! Wie beim neuen Logo der FDP! Ab sofort wird Windows Phone verkauft wie blöd. Gut, das Microsoft das wahre Plattform-Problem endlich angegangen ist.

Wolfram Müller, 2015-01-09

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