Lenovo dual-use power supply

by Volker Weber


The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 has a very clever 40 W power supply. When you use this particular power cable it will deliver 20V at 2A to recharge the internal battery. When not in use, you can connect a regular USB cable to the power brick and it will charge any device with 5V at 2A. And while you don't need to charge your Yoga, you can plug in a USB 2.0 device here. Next to it is a USB 3.0 port and another one on the other side of the notebook. That one will charge your phone even if the Yoga is off. Sounds complicated but isn't. Let me run this again by you:

  1. Power supply charges Yoga or a USB device.
  2. Charging port on Yoga can host a USB 2.0 device when not in use.
  3. Two more USB ports, both 3.0, one of them provides charging when Yoga is off.

The only thing that won't work is charging the Yoga from a regular USB power supply.


Does it have to be a specific cable for the Yoga to charge? Or does the charger somehow "know", that it is attached to a Yoga and deliver 20V/2A?

Lars Olufsen, 2015-01-14

Look at the photo. Do you see the odd shape on the cable (and on the Yoga body)?

Volker Weber, 2015-01-14

I have a Lenovo smartphone (P780) which can do the same: the USB port used to charge it, can also be used to charge other USB devices, like another (empty) phone. That's useful because of its ridiculous large battery of 4100 mAh.

Bart Severein, 2015-01-14

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