IBM Event Connect

by Volker Weber


Received an invitation to the ConnectED site and was ready to look at yet another social network where you can build your profile only to have it deleted six weeks later. But something was different this time:

If you have already created a profile for a previous IBM conference that used Event Connect (Insight 2014, IBM Digital Experience 2014), use that user id and password - it is still active! If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot your Password?" link below the login link the website.

The instructions were pretty clear.

Point your desktop or mobile browser to and create your profile using your registration email id as the user id and your Event registration confirmation code as your password. ... If you're logging in from an iOS or Android device, and don't already have the mobile app installed, you'll see a link to download and install IBM Event Connect Center, the mobile companion app.

Installed on iPhone, logged in, boom. Oh, this was built for old iPhones and scales horribly on iPhone 6 Plus. Time to get it on the BlackBerry Passport. How does one do that, if IBM does not bother to submit it to BlackBerry World? Get the .apk from Google. Just hop over to and generate a download link. Works a treat, as you can see in the screenshot above.

You can also use your Connections client and point it to and use your credentials as stated above.


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