Where Jeff Schick wants to take his business

by Volker Weber


IBM had set up a half hour meeting with Jeff Schick in Orlando. Instead of just talking high level management, I asked him to record a short video. He was fine with that and rather relaxed. See the uncut seven minutes on heise video by clicking the photo.

For those interested: this video was recorded with a Lumia 930 in 1080p and full stereo and then downsampled for size. There were no studio lights, just light coming in through the window of his executive suite. We were sitting at the corner of a conference table with the Lumia propped up on a table stand. The video was originally about 1 GB and I had a very hard time uploading through either the Swolphin or ConnectED network. I was just glad I did not go full throttle, since the 930 can also record in 4k with DD 5.1. That file would have not made it through the network.


Ich hab mir das Video jetzt zweimal angeschaut und weiss immer noch nicht was ich davon halten soll. Daher sag ich einfach mal: Danke Volker für das interessante Interview mit Jeff Schick. Die Videoqualität ist in der Tat beeindruckend.

Henning Heinz, 2015-02-03

Q: How often can you say "opportunity" in a 7 minute video?
A: At least 13 times.

Thomas Gumz, 2015-02-04

I think he is doing it quite well. I have seen worse. Way worse.

Volker Weber, 2015-02-04

AMAZING Sound Quality and good Video Quality!!

About the Content - it is pretty clear where he wants to bring this ship and for the xth time they want to replace their own offering with a new offering. Interesting they did not learn from history. If you want to get people to stop using your own product that they can use another of your offerings the Customer might just walk away to your competition.

Andre Hausberger, 2015-02-04

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