The Wookie on partnering with IBM

by Volker Weber

Looking at the new offerings it feels like a major change coming from IBM, during the good times IBM products did 80% of what the clients wanted with the parters like LDC filling in the remaining 20%, however in the last few years IBM products have only been providing 50%-60% of what clients wants (compared to the competition) meaning people simply did not buy them and thus the partners got to provide 0%, now IBM seem to be fighting back with their design team leading the charge, however to me they seem to aiming to provide about 95% of what clients want…will the remaining 5% be worth waiting round for?

This resonates well with some of the thoughts I had about IBM business partners. It all comes down to what value you can add for your customers. Less about being an ISV and more about making things work for your customer.

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Plus IBM directly competing with partners with it's Cloud first strategy, leaving them even less than those 5%.

Oliver Regelmann, 2015-02-11

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