Sonos app for Windows Phone leaked

by Volker Weber

Windows Central picks up a story about the Sonos controller for Windows Phone, which is currently in development:

The good news here is the app still looks to be in active development as suggested by Sonos tech support. The bad news is we have no idea when it will release. However, we cannot imagine it will be too much longer.

As other private betas, the Sonos app is distributed via the Windows Store and you need to know the URL to find it. Now that we have that, we still can't install it, but we know what the development name is and that it has been updated less than two weeks ago.

A beta test for Sonos always takes a couple of months. 5.3 just went into public beta. So I don't agree with the assessment that it won't be much longer. But I am confident that it will come out this year.

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