The Human Equation Every IBM Analyst Needs To Compute

by Volker Weber

This story is from my book, A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant: Rediscovering IBM's Corporate Constitution. It is the story of one twenty-four hour period within IBM's most profitable division - IBM Software Group ((SWG)). The number of these 24 hour periods that have occurred over the last fifteen years are innumerable. Their human toll is incomprehensible.

I have too many friends in this place not to care.

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But worst of all, it arrived in the form of hundreds of automated e-mail replies that "this user is not listed in the Domino Directory" ...

Martin Hiegl, 2015-02-12

Horrible story, familiar to all IBMers, past and present.
I'm actually surprised they're still using Domino for email, though...

Bob Balaban, 2015-02-12

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