Sonos, your beta upgrade mechanism is broken

by Volker Weber


I love Sonos players and I have been testing your software for years, ever since you only had but one player, the venerable ZP100, the Soviet iPod and no software controller. But lately, I am feeling a bit left behind. How did that happen? In the olden days betas would get a name and an easy to remember URL where to download the latest controller. But last year you broke this easy mechanism. Now I would receive an email with a short random URL. I could download the latest controller from there. And then I got stuck. At least on Android. On iOS I would hit the Update Now menu item when it appeared and I would get the latest update.

Not on Android. There I would be dumped to a page that explained I needed to fetch the link from an email I received. Did that, installed the version I downloaded, only to be greeted with the Update Now menu item. Rinse, repeat. It does not really matter to me. The controller keeps working and I can ignore the Update Now item. But it's not in your interest to let me run an old beta, or is it?

Please fix this. You have great products that deserve a beta program that actually works.


They also somehow forgot the desktop software. We still cannot search multiple music services at once.

Oliver Regelmann, 2015-02-20

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