Ed Brill :: The Secret of IBM's Social Business Transformation

by Volker Weber

Over the decade that I have been involved in social and online collaboration, the definition of a social business has evolved. Today I like to describe it as an organization whose culture of participation and systems of engagement enable groups of people to drive business outcomes. We have moved past the early adoption phase of "holding hands and sharing files," where it just felt good to have an audience for a weekly blog or uploaded presentation. Today, the key is to create an environment where the results - for the company and for the individual - are the focus.

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Thank you for the link love. At ConnectED, I was asked during my session to restart my external blogging. The marketing team asked me to contribute this piece to the IBM social business insights blog, but to be clear I wrote it myself (and will probably echo it over to edbrill.com today). What I'd like to do next is write up some of the success stories we have had within IBM - they tend to be departmental or geographical, rather than the horizontal mind-numbing millions of accesses kind of stuff that often is paraded out in these cases. Quantifying internal social is harder than external social, but we do definitely have some very good stories.

Ed Brill, 2015-02-18

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