New IBM study debunks five common myths about Millennials

by Volker Weber

How are Millennials alike or different from our colleagues? Are the stereotypes about us true?  And, what changes must we make in our organizations?

To answer some of these questions, today IBM is releasing the results of a global study on Millennials in the workplace, of which I was a co-author. Essentially, after surveying more than 1,775 employees from organizations of all sizes, across 12 countries, we found that Millennials’ expectations are the gold standard for what everyone wants.

You can download the study without registering.

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At IBM, Millennials are driving much of our transformation

And here I was, thinking the "transformation" is driven bei GM and SVPs ... the portion of them that are so called Millennials is a rounding error or even more likely 0. There might be many Millenials in SW design and influencing there, the corporate transformations are not driven by them yet - give them 10 more years or so.

The comparison of the generations is very interesting anyway.

Martin Hiegl, 2015-02-21

I appologize for a little self-promotion, but I've been writing and presenting about millennials not being different (wrt workplace tools) for a while now. At Constellation we created a framework called Digital Proficiency which uses skill and comfort with technology, not age, to categorize workers. I'm glad to see IBM doing research into this and coming to similar conclusions.

Alan Lepfosky, 2015-02-22

Alan, I know I'm not acting my age. No need to rub it in. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2015-02-22

Millennials could learn a lot from you!

Alan Lepofsky, 2015-02-22

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