Pebble Time

by Volker Weber


While I was away, Pebble announced its second generation watch. The original Pebble is a tough act to follow. They hit the sweet spot with their first shot: excellent battery life, readability in bright sunlight, extensible with small apps, and customizable with your own choice of watch faces. The new watch brings three major hardware advancements: a color display, a microphone and an accessory port. The color display is again a low power ink display, not an LCD or TFT. Pebble wants to preserve the excellent battery performance. The microphone lets you record quick replies or reminders. And the accessory port will allow third parties to augment the watch.

Pebble goes back to a plastic watch, now with a full metal face plate. I understand the original Pebble will continue to be available but the Steel does not really make sense any more. It's more expensive than the new one while only delivering the features of the old one. Pebble also plans to bring the new timeline interface to the original Pebble, once they have brought the new one to market. No delivery date but it seems doable.

Pebble has successfully raised money on Kickstarter for the new watch, blowing past their $500,000 goal within minutes. All those supporters will get their Pebbles first, so even if the watch starts shipping in May, you will not be able to buy one in the store any time soon.


Would be great if they'd add full Windows Phone support. Maybe not reading your recent post.

Joerg Richter, 2015-02-25


Ralph Hammann, 2015-02-25

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