Pebble Steel

by Volker Weber


This is now the fourth Pebble design I am trying. I still like the original design, both in Jet Black and Cherry Red. Then I used the Steel in Matte Black with a matching steel bracelet. At first I did not like the Brushed Steel, but now that I tried it with a leather band, I have changed my mind. This looks pretty good.

Watchface: Digits, vaguely inspired by Pebble Time new watchfaces.


I'm curious as to how the Pebble Time looks in real life. On the pictures I've seen so far it reminds me of this cheap bike computer:

Ole Saalmann, 2015-02-26

Looking forward to the timeline feature on the original Pebble. Would be used very regularly.

Manu Vermeyen, 2015-02-26

Ole, I think it looks ugly. My problem is the frame within a frame design. Steel has a similar problem. The original Pebble doesn't. And when Apple Watch comes out, everything else will look like a toy. But that's just you and me. Most people don't care.

Volker Weber, 2015-02-26

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