Too many bezels?

by Volker Weber


I know this looks like Pebble Week at vowe's magic flying circus, but I am trying to wrap my head around the design of the different Pebble models, and I have to write stuff down to get my thoughts straight.

If you compare the different Pebbles, you will notice a trend. There is more decoration around the screen. The original Pebble had a large curved faceplate and the display was visible through a window in that faceplate, that was exactly the same size. With the Steel Pebble introduced a bezel around the display that would bridge the gap between the steel body and the display. And then they put their logo on that bezel. Amateur hour.

The Pebble Time reminds me of a CRT screen. Think Original iMac. There is a faceplate with a rounded cutout. Then there is a black bezel, and then there is the display again with rounded corners. On CRTs you tried to make that black frame as thin as possible, but here it is quite pronounced.

I have a feeling that this will look seriously geeky, especially when compared to the fit and finish of the Apple Watch.


Agree that it looks geeky, especially compared to the Apple Watch. But I'll get one (via the Kickstarter campaign). It's an improvement over my original Pebble and I'll still be able to use a nylon NATO watch band.

Bob Congdon, 2015-02-27

The Pebble Time has a kind of cool retro look.

Retro IMages]

Craig Wiseman, 2015-02-27

True, the look is a little retro, but it could do fine.

No pebble for me, unfortunately, as they do not want to get a finished Windows Phone App for free from Microsoft ( ).

Then, I would not really need it anyway, as I am having a Microsoft Band. With the latest update, this thing runs for several days as well and can do more anyway, plus there are many things happening there ATM.

Hubert Stettner, 2015-02-27

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