When you have no other news

by Volker Weber

The Sonos agency calls to check whether I have received yesterday's press release. Yes, I receive all press releases you send me. Email is pretty solid at vowe's magic flying circus. Agencies do that when nobody picks up the story. What's the story? Well, since Sonos does not have any new players or anything else newsworthy, they create a limited edition PLAY:1. It's more expensive than a regular PLAY:1 and it plays exactly the same music in exactly the same quality. But it's limited, right? Yesterday's press release told us nothing new. Besides the exact date and time you can order it.

Well, now you know.


Thank you.

Ingo Seifert, 2015-02-27


Torben Vendelev, 2015-02-27

Wobei ich das nicht verstehe. bisher schien es so, als ginge es Sonos überhaupt nicht darum, effekthascherisch Kunden zu fangen, sondern das über eine solide und qualitativ hochwertige Produktbasis zu machen. Die Aktion passt gar nicht ins System.

Kai Schmalenbach, 2015-02-28

Das ist die Techniker-Sicht. Baue ein tolles Produkt und die Kunden kaufen das. Marketing weiß da noch ein bisschen mehr.

Volker Weber, 2015-02-28

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