Sonos 5.3

by Volker Weber


There is an update for your Sonos. New controllers for Android and iOS. They make better use of screen estate and give you faster access to your rooms. There are two new swipe gestures. Swipe down to go back to your search results and swipe right from the left side to go to your sources.


Thanks, Sonos. That was about time!

It is now almost exactly one year that controller software V5.x was imposed upon the Sonos community. To me (as to many others), the software felt like some kind of failed design attempt with many broken aspects that took quite a bit of joy out of using my Sonos setup. The new version is a huge improvement in that respect and actually seems to have undergone some real usability testing. ;-)

It appears that many aspects that were criticised by the community have been addressed – despite the lack of feedback in the Sonos discussion forums.

So maybe the joy is finally about to return...

Jörg Weske, 2015-03-03 22:18

"When we launched our new Sonos app last spring, we received a lot of positive feedback. We also heard from many of you that we made some things worse. For instance, it became more difficult to move music between rooms, and we could have done better with our tablet design. User feedback has been invaluable and today we’re introducing our next update to make things better."

Not sure why it took almost a year, but this is indeed a big step in the right direction. In hindsight difficult to understand why Sonos reacted so defensively to all the feedback, apparently they took a lot of it into account.

Thanks, now ready for the blue one!

Frank Terhorst, 2015-03-04 00:17

I bought my Sonos players (2 Play:1 and 1 Play:5) as a christmas present for myself last year but still couldn't figure out, how to move playing music (playlist or a single song) from one room to another room.

I think there was an elegant way with the Sonos controller in the past and I hoped there would be a way with the update for the controller app, as it hints for a possibility for doing that.

But maybe there isn't or i am to blind or to dumb to find it ? It's not a real solution, to group two players together and then dismiss one player from the group.

Ingo Spichal, 2015-03-04 08:34

You are almost there. Select the Rooms menu. Click the group button for the room your music is playing. Now select only the players that should continue to play the music. Do not group and ungroup. It works in a single step.

Volker Weber, 2015-03-04 08:48

Thank you, I will test this.

That wasn't very obvious for me. I've tried every swipe possible on my tablet ;-)

Ingo Spichal, 2015-03-04 09:28

cool Thx for the question, Ingo, thx for the answer Volker.

Johannes Matzke, 2015-03-04 18:27

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