Meeting Jeff Schick

by Volker Weber

Last night I got a text from IBM PR: Jeff wants to talk to you tomorrow at 9:15. I just got out of this meeting. It was the best 20 minutes we ever had together. Very candid and open, and almost everything was off the record. But I can put a few concerns to rest:

There is no change in plan. IBM is not going to dump "freemium". There will be a free-to-use Verse and it will not be a "preview". It will be the real thing.

IBM has a lot of options to turn features on for the free version of Verse. I am mostly concerned about the onboarding process. How do you get your contacts into Verse for instance.

One big correction. Some people have floated a '500 million' number. That's off by three orders of a magnitude. 500 is correct, but you should have said thousand.


That's kinda cool from IBM's side. And kinda cool that Volker can produce that kind of traction from his website. Kudos to both!

Andrew Magerman, 2015-03-17

That's most helpful. Thank you.

Gilbert Short, 2015-03-18

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