No more talk about IBM Verse Freemium. No mobile access.

by Volker Weber

The press release ends with a single sentence about

IBM is also making available a free version, IBM Verse Basic, at

That ends the confusion. You can either buy Verse in SmartCloud or you can use it for free on

IBM plans to offer new native mobile apps for Verse that integrate with the IBM MobileFirst platform, including IBM MobileProtect, and starting with IBM iOS for iPhone later this month. IBM will follow that release with apps for Android and iPad in the second quarter.

iPhone this month, iPad and Android this quarter. I have tried standard open protocols but cannot access the mailbox on Maybe it's there and not enabled. Maybe it's missing altogether. For a company that prides itself being MobileFirst, that is a gaping hole.


The funny part, of course is "and starting with IBM iOS for iPhone". IBM IOS for iPhone, interesting.

Joerg Michael, 2015-04-02

Do we have an availability date for Basic? I have registered numerous times without even an acknowledgement. I'm not alone here either.

Bruce Elgort, 2015-04-02

I have nothing specific. "Is making available" without a date reads as "now." Alas, sign-ups seem to be stuck. People are trying numerous times which makes the queues even more messy.

Volker Weber, 2015-04-02

Volker I don't buy it. How can a vendor like IBM NOT send a simple "Hey! We received your request for IBM Verse". These "queues" have been backed up for months.

Bruce Elgort, 2015-04-03

Its really hard to believable that a company like IBM can announce service like this. Nothing is set up right. The registration process is garbage - a 7 year old will do it better, the freemium is joke - it is more a mockup rather than real product.
So beside the design team probably there are one or two sw engineers and 1 very very junior business analyst. There goes 100M investment :-)

goran angelov, 2015-04-03

Today I received an email letting me know that I could begin setting up my Verse Basic account. Several steps and emails later I now have a shiny new IBM Verse Basic account. Let the testing begin.

Bruce Elgort, 2015-04-03

They must be joking! About two weeks ago I have signed up, today I received an email:

IBM Verse Basic - Time to create your account
Thanks for signing up for IBM Verse Basic! Now that we've confirmed your email address, let's create your account.

After clicking on the "Set Up My Account" button I get this:

We're creating your IBM Verse Basic account
Within the next business day, we'll buzz by your inbox with everything you need to get started.

This is much "verse" than anything else I experienced with IBM during the last 15 years.

Marc Henkel, 2015-04-04

Somebody in Manila is setting up your account. They can do it in about one hour.

Volker Weber, 2015-04-04

Marc, be happy. I've still not even received the "IBM Verse Basic - Time to create your account" email.

Alan Lepofsky, 2015-04-04

Is named Verse but can be read Workplace ?

Luca Perico, 2015-04-04

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