Microsoft Band peeling

by Volker Weber


Photo TheTechDoctor

When I put my Band on after my morning shower it was fine. I wore it all day, and when I came home after my afternoon run I removed it for another shower when I saw, well, this: ... The plastic/rubbery coating on the batter covers had peeled almost completely off. It appeared to happen in a single day and for no reason I can identify.

Read the whole story. He takes it into a Microsoft store. Nobody had seen this problem before. And when a store clerk checks his band it started to peel as well.

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[Thanks, John]


I can imagine that we will see this more often.
I own a band for one week now ( thanks to
vacation in Florida ) and while the functionality
is really great the built quality is a shame.

The glossy area surrounding the display scratches
so easily one can hardly believe that Microsoft QA
approved this to be sold. You must buy a protection
with the band and put it on before wearing
It first time.

The rubber band itself is better but also already has
some scratches.

Oliver Barner , 2015-04-03

Imported a MI band from china (Xioami) for as little as 20 Euro. Rechargeable battery lasts 80 days in a row. Tracks steps and sleep quite accurate. App available for Apple (I think) and Android. Lesson learned: If another band is more expensive there must be a good reason for this. Better quality, more use-cases, geek-factor, you name it. Where is the beef on Microsoft Band?

Richard Kaufmann, 2015-04-05

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