IBM: 'Verse Basic is not intended for use as a production mail client'

by Volker Weber

We want you to see how Verse helps declutter your inbox.

- Send up to 100 emails in a 24 hour period.
- Send mail containing up to 10 recipients per email.
- Send mail messages up to 100MB in size.
- Have a mailbox quota of 500 MB.
- Experience spam filtering for emails sent from outside domains.

Please use the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser only. Support for other browsers is coming soon. Note that Verse Basic is not intended for use as a production mail client. Check out the full version of IBM Verse for all your business mail needs.

We have compared those limits before. Then I met Jeff at CeBIT where he promised to raise the limits at least tenfold. Currently those limits are the same as before, only the number of mails you can send went from 25 to 100.

'Verse Basic is not intended for use as a production mail client'. Now I am stuck. What are you supposed to do with it? It cannot import any old mail, so how do you get to experience it?

On the upside, you can now use Internet Explorer. The latest version would be IE11.


They'd have done better by just calling it a crippled version that would shut off after 30 days or send a Verse ad with each email. Between the sign-up security flaw, the address book security flaw, and the abysmal provisioning speed, I wouldn't touch this in "production" with a 10 foot pole based on what I see in "basic".

Thomas Duff, 2015-04-04

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