Nightshots with iPhone 6 Plus and BlackBerry Passport

by Volker Weber


You recently asked me how the Passport is doing at night, compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. Above is the iPhone photo: 1/4 s, ISO 500, f/2.2. Below is the Passport photo. 1/2.5 s, ISO 888, f/2.0. Both were in full auto with flash disabled. The foreground is lit with a 3000K 7W LED bulb. The bright light is the moon and the sky is as clear as it gets.


I also tried Night Mode on Passport, but that did not render a good photo. It keeps the shutter open twice as long a the same ISO setting, which was too much for shooting without tripod. I can just master a quarter of a second at this focal length.

While I like the iPhone photo better, I find the Passport shot a decent photo.


Danke für den direkten Vergleich.

Bastian Anthon, 2015-04-06

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