Samsung breaks the chain

by Volker Weber


For years Samsung brought out a string of uninspired successors to the wildly successful Galaxy S. Cheap back covers, faux leather, faux metal. They all felt like a fraud to me. Even when the electronics inside were as perfect as the Note 4, I just could not stand them.

The Galaxy S6 Edge changes everything.

It's clearly a Samsung design, even if there are bits and pieces you have seen on an iPhone before. But you won't confuse it with an Apple device. The build quality is excellent. Glass is glass, metal is metal, materials don't lie anymore.

I prefer the Apple design language, but that's only a matter of personal taste.


What I am always struggling with on Android devices, is the software. The bulk vendors add. Not all of it is crapware, but I don't need a Photos and a Gallery App. I don't need a Calendar and S-Planner. The list goes on. Good news: Samsung is making progress. You can now disable some of the bloat, you uninstall other bits and pieces. Apple is no stranger to this problem. With your latest update you received an Apple watch app. Even if you have no intention to ever buy one. (As if you had a choice.)


And then there are the apps. There are plenty on Android, but available does not mean good. Or good enough. Case in point is Home Talk, which I use to make VoIP calls when at home. Where are Hyperlapse or Layout, both by Instagram?

Nevertheless, I am swapping the SIM out of my beloved iPhone 6 Plus and using the Edge as my main device. That's a first. No other Samsung was good enough for that. It works with the Pebble Steel on my wrist. It won't work with an Apple Watch. So I am keeping the iPhone close.


(As if you had a choice.) .... brilliant !

Ludwig Deruyck, 2015-04-13

Same here....

Frank Moser, 2015-04-13

Mir gefallen die vielen Unterbrechungen aus Kunststoff am IPhone überhaupt nicht.
Da sind die zwei kleinen Kunststoffeinsätze beim S6 edge viel schöner.

ulu Note4, 2015-04-13

Have you figured out how to remove the watch app?

Andrew Magerman, 2015-04-13

Beside the design: Did you already try to run PowerPoint presentations on an attached data projector with the S6? Good luck!

Peter Meuser, 2015-04-14

No, I did not. That is the least of my concerns for a mobile device.

Volker Weber, 2015-04-14

Any comments about battery life?

I'm a very dissatisfied S4 user - the battery lasts about 3.5 hours from full to empty. I bought a new (OEM) battery, and get the same performance, so it's a processor / system / device problem.

I don't have a huge volume of apps or data, usually the biggest user of the system resources are Android System in first place, then Android display in second.

Stephen Bailey, 2015-04-14

Our Tests found that battery life is shorter than the S5, but longer than the iphone. However, varies much with app usage, esp. multicore.

Christian Just, 2015-04-14

Stephen, at 3.5 hours something is broken. It could be the battery, but more likely there is a run away process. Very difficult to find. I am struggling with a BlackBerry which has a similar problem.

Volker Weber, 2015-04-14

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