Walk and talk, Monday edition

by Volker Weber


Yesterday I walked with Max. And we spoke about smart watches. He has made three appointments for trying on the Apple watch: Sports, Watch, Edition. I learned quite a few things I did not know.

Think of Apple Watch as the first generation iPhone. That was also matte aluminium without any native apps. And it was great.

I have thought long and hard about how I use the Pebble and what I like about it. It's mostly notifications, and hardly ever apps. They do load instantly but there is no point in looking at your watch for more than a second. Beyond that, you just use the phone.


I’m really intrigued about what the experience of wearing Apple Watch will be like. I’ve worn a Pebble for nearly 18 months and in that time I’ve seen many people try and then ditch Google watches.

I think you’re right that it will not be about the Apps and that Apple will need to bring something special to make it a compelling purchase.

This is what I use my Pebble for:
1. Tell the time
2. Tell me what the weather is (and you don't need to troll me by saying 'look out the window')
3. Switch to stopwatch, distance covered, lap time when I use RunKeeper
4. Control music player when driving the car
5. Change the temperature on my thermostat
6. Receive all sorts of useful notifications (meeting reminders, IFTTT alerts, etc). It's better and less of an interruption to see these on a watch rather than pulling the phone out.
7. Check my company’s stock price (again quicker than using a phone)
8. Reminding me that I left my phone in the car, or anywhere else for that matter, as the watch vibrates when it's bluetooth link is broken
9. When you use google navigation to walk to somewhere you haven't been before, directions pop up on your watch. When you have your hands full (ie. going somewhere with the kids) this is particularly useful.
10. Divert a phone call to answer machine without needing to look at phone.

I like that I only have to charge it every 5 days.

Kieren Johnson, 2015-04-14

Maybe not immediately obvious but you get used to it very soon.
The digital crown is the most important piece for navigation (as you can even use the crown to open apps ... instead of a tap on the screen). So the crown is the new home button ;-)

Was able to play with an Apple Watch for some time on one of their fixed demo stations (so no putting on the wrist) and the watch navigation becomes easy quite fast (and it makes totally sense)

No 3rd party apps on that units but what I heard is that the loading time for third party apps will be adressed in a software update. Same goes for slow location detection on the devices the media got upfront. At least the ones in the Apple store had no problems with Apple maps and location (but of course they were attached to the Apple Store WLAN)

Personally I felt not much difference between the aluminum and stainless steel. I even prefer the space grey aluminum (but that depends at most on own style/taste). Still trying to figure out if the space grey aluminum and the milanese loop will get together (design wise). The milanese is a wonderfull band! An no, at least here in Munich they didn't let you swap bands as announced before (but your milage may vary).

For all who haven't seen it for real and haven't tried it on ... do it!

I was already in positive mood for the Apple Watch but I really fell in love with it after I had it on my wrist for the very first time. Unfortunately I had a specialist that wasn't very good. It was merely handing over the versions I wanted to try and helping getting them on. With any more specialized question she pointed to the fixed demo unit (which runs a screen beside the watch explaining several functions). I'm sure you find better educated and motivated specialists im most stores.

Harald Gaerttner, 2015-04-14

Second screen with limited capabilities for bulky phones...

Martin Kautz, 2015-04-14

This will be interesting to see play out.

I haven't worn a watch in over a decade ... not sure any of these will change that.

Craig Wiseman, 2015-04-14

Me either for at least 25 years ... therefore the try-on was the most important part for me. And I will give it a definite try to become a watch guy again.

Harald Gaerttner, 2015-04-14

Have tried them on today and I believe I am getting old. I have no good gut feeling wearing the watch. And I almost always wanted everything from Apple since the first iPod came out. The watch doesn't feel right on my wrist. Too ractangular, too thick , too shiny, too stylish. Hopefully some cool Apps will change my mind.

Hubertus Alvensleben, 2015-04-17

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