IBM shoots Verse in the other foot

by Volker Weber

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IBM now has a Verse app for iPhone. A month after launch. Not for iPad, not for Android. IBM Mobile First, unless it isn't. You can download and install it. But it won't work with

What I find really shocking is that IBM is not delivering what IBM General Manager Jeff Schick is promising:


I have no idea why IBM continues to embarrass itself with the botched site.


Actually you _can_ "download the iPhone app for free at the Apple App Store".

You just can't use it ;-)

Oliver Regelmann, 2015-04-30

The setup screen is pretty, at least. I can't get it to work with my self-signed cert on my Traveler server either.

Bill Greenberg, 2015-05-01

Same here. However, I was able to login to my Verse Beta account ( via the app.

Dietmar Dumke, 2015-05-01

With my SmartCloud Account its working fine :-)

Otto Foerg, 2015-05-01

Spent the day trying to get the IBM Verse App for iOS to work. The App installed just fine but then, while trying to set up the app things went from bad to verse. I suspect, as others have mentioned, it could be that the app does not like my server certificate; however, the error message was cryptic and unhelpful and I could find not listing for it at the Verse Wiki or the IBM help site. So, I'm just guessing here.

Eric Mack, 2015-05-01

"The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error - 1012.)" I believe that is an iOS issue probably around the server certificate. I've tried a few different things and gotten nowhere. No one else is talking about this and there's little documentation. So....

Bill Greenberg, 2015-05-01

Yes, that's the error message.

Eric Mack, 2015-05-02

Eric: "from bad to verse" 😂

Maikel Maes, 2015-05-02

Works here with my Traveler OnPremise and my Smartcloud Hybrid Notes Account. ;-)

Marco Foellmer, 2015-05-02

To be fair, it does work with a good trusted certificate, even a free one from startssl.

Bill Greenberg, 2015-05-05

IBM Verse Basic does not support mobile use at this time. The IBM Verse mobile app, currently available in the Apple iTunes Appstore is meant for users in organizations licensed for IBM Verse paid use. Our documentation has been updated to reflect this.

As for the certificate errors, I've passed those along to Product Management to take a look at.

Jacques Pavlenyi, 2015-05-15

The 1012 is a server certificate problem. IOS may not have it as a trusted certificate. Even after going to safari and telling it to trust the certificate, I can't get Verse to work.

IBM's comment in one of their "developer" sessions was to use "an enterprise certificate". I guess GoDaddy is not an enterprise certificate.

John McCann, 2015-09-27

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