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by Volker Weber


You're still able to browse all profiles on by just incrementing the number in the URL, but it won't show you the email address anymore. IBM has removed that field from the profile. You only get to see all the information that the user volunteered, like his address or phone numbers. If you need to know the email address, it's easy to construct since it is always firstname.lastname@ by default and you have no choice.

The "Network" also disappeared, so you can no longer connect to other people. You can find them by searching the directory, but there is no social connection anymore. Only people in that directory can have photos, since there is no way to add photos to your own contacts. When you find a person in the directory you cannot interact with them since the email address is gone. Unless you construct it as stated above. Characters not on the American keyboard continue to be a problem:


On the upside, spam filtering seems to be very effective. I never received a single spam message. But after deleting all messages from, I still have 5 unread messages. And a bee. I wonder where they are hiding.



It's nice to see that IBM is able to adjust the code so quickly. That's one of the strengths of cloud offerings. No more yearly updates.

Alan Lepofsky, 2015-05-01

A couple of weeks for removing a field is pretty good.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-01

Yes really very nice when IBM removes a feature and you have no chance to avoid the update. When i think how often we had stopped an upgrade after we had tested it and then waited for the first update of the upgrade i am happy that we are not using cloud services from IBM.

By the way all public web services i am using from IBM are very slow. If their cloud solution is not much faster, i can not believe that anybody likes to use it.

Ralf M Petter, 2015-05-01 is pretty fast. But I suspect it is well under capacity. You could probably run it on an old ThinkPad.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-01

I wish IBM would call the public Verse just an evaluation demo of their new enterprise mail and spend the time and money saved on:

- Tighter Integration of the Forms Experience Builder (FEB) into IBM Connections (see SharePoint Lists for inspiration)

- Make over and tighter integration of SameTime into IBM Connections

As (supposedly) Steve Jobs said:

"Customers never judge the quality of a product by it's best feature, they will always judge the quality of a product by it's weakest feature."

Lotus / IBM collaborative software division has had a brilliant idea every couple of years. Verse is one of them. If IBM executes one of these ideas to perfection success is sure to com...

Felix Binsack, 2015-05-02

"I wonder where they are hiding..."
Did you check your "All Documents" or "Junk" folders?

Erik Schwalb, 2015-05-04

i'm not exactly a rookie. So, yes.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-04

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