Microsoft Surface 3 :: You can store the pen

by Volker Weber


Sometimes I do need instructions. I was looking for a way to attach the pen to Surface. But it's much easier: you attach it to the cover. The same groove you see on the outside also exists on the inside, so the clip won't touch the screen.


When the keyboard is not attached and you are holding Surface in its portrait orientation, you are most likely to use the pen. And then you can attach it to the side of the device where it is kept in place by the magnets that hold the cover. Want to attach it to the right side instead? Turn Surface 180 degrees and the magnets are on the right side.


I am liking this machine better every day that I use it. But I did promise to give it back. I thought this would be easy. But it probably won't be.



Very nice device.
There's only one question: How's the performance of the Surface 3? Intel Atoms are not known for being high-performance CPUs.

I bought an iPad Air 2 just 4 days before the Surface 3 was announced...
I have doubts that i would still opt for the iPad. The Surface 3 is quite "sexy"...

Manfred Wiktorin, 2015-05-09

iPad and Surface are completely different experiences. Everything is faster on an iPad than on a PC. It's not only the CPU/GPU but also a much leaner software stack. Benchmarks don't help you with that.

The interesting thing about Surface is that you can do everything with one device. It's a PC and a tablet. It leans more towards a tablet than a Yoga which strikes a different balance. Surface is a tablet, that works well as a notebook (not a laptop) while a Yoga is a laptop that also works as a tablet if you really need one. Surface is much lighter, smaller and has a pen. Pressing the top button on the pen and having Surface open an empty page inside OneNote without needing to unlock is quite an experience.

Is Surface fast enough. For my workload, definitely. But I have the more expensive 4GB/128GB machine. I would not want the 2GB/64GB version.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-09

There is pen loop included in the delivery of the surface pro 3 type cover... I didn't know what it should be before I did a little bit of research :-)
It's also available separatly in microsoft store as "Surface Pen Loop"

Adrian Osterwalder, 2015-05-11

Welche Erfahrungen hast Du mit dem Ladegerät gemacht? Ist es wirklich so schwach dimensioniert?

Frank Köhler, 2015-05-13

Ich habe das auch gelesen aber im praktischen Betrieb nicht bemerkt. Ich lade das Surface eigentlich nur nachts und dann merkt man nicht, wie lange es lädt. Ich schreibe mal was zu den Trade-Offs.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-13

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