Loving the Surface 3 Pen

by Volker Weber


Surface 3 is a very versatile machine. Quiet, fast enough for my workload, and full of nice features. The Surface Pen is one of the neat things I don't have on any other machine.

When you click the button on the top of the pen, Surface loads an empty page in OneNote, and you can immediately start taking notes. Windows can be locked, you can still take a quick note. That is very, very useful. You are jotting down stuff in OneNote instead of onscrap paper. When you are working with Surface and you double-click that same button it takes a screenshot and places it in a new OneNote page, where you can quickly annotate the screenshot.

Imagine what will happen with Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10, which lets you annotate web pages.

[And regarding the note I was taking, you would think that IBM knows how many unread messages there are in your mailbox. Verse is powered by IBM Domino, the Notes server. Here you see 3 unread messages, of zero messages, in any folder, including Trash and Junk.]


It is really sad, that IBM is not able to fix this problem. We use Notes/Domino since 1999 and had ths problem from time to time. The easiest way to workaround the problem is to open the mail database with notes and select the "mark all messages as read" command from the menu.

Ralf M Petter, 2015-05-13

If you have access to a Notes client. Which defies the purpose of Verse.

Volker Weber, 2015-05-13

Actually it means you have 3 unread documents. this can be profile document or some documenst which are counted but stay hidden.

IBM could have fixed this issue if they wanted to. But as Ral said best fix is mark al docs read.

thorsten ebers, 2015-05-13

> IBM could have fixed this issue if they wanted to.

Instead they chose not to?

Volker Weber, 2015-05-13

Danke für den Bericht über das Surface 3!

Hubert Stettner, 2015-05-13

Yes Volker, they did not. IBM also let the lotus script engine untouched for long time till Damien Katz worked it over. Very good Job he did with it.

thorsten ebers, 2015-05-13

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