The beginning of the end of the Intranet?

by Volker Weber

Google, taking a new approach to enterprise security, is moving its corporate applications to the Internet. In doing so, the Internet giant is flipping common corporate security practice on its head, shifting away from the idea of a trusted internal corporate network secured by perimeter devices such as firewalls, in favor of a model where corporate data can be accessed from anywhere with the right device and user credentials.

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This is how many big Danish companies (especially many previously Lotus Notes companies) is "living" now running Office 365. How bad is it?

Torben Vendelev, 2015-05-13

There is a very interesting discussion about this on Hacker News:

Andre Hausberger, 2015-05-13

There are huge governance and technical issues for corporates attempting to achieve this - but it definitely makes sense as a north star vision.

Ian Bradbury, 2015-05-14

What is a "North Star Vision" I've not heard of that - is it something to aim for?

John Lindsay, 2015-05-14

This reminds me of the capabilities based - in contrast to the access rights - approach. Atari used this model with its parallel workstation in the 90ies that unfortunately never made it to full production. This here seems to me to be somewhere half in the middle. I wonder whether this will be consequent enough to become successful.

Kurt Glasner, 2015-05-14

This is my normal modus operandi.

Bodo Menke, 2015-05-16

@John - yes. The idea of a North Star is something, like a business strategy or goal, that the entire organisation can see and appreciate and understand - and so all can move towards that goal together. :)

Ian Bradbury, 2015-05-18

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