Apple Health :: Opting out

by Volker Weber


On yesterday's post I had two particularly interesting comments. Dirk said:

It is fascinating how modern society is solving problems that, without modern society, would not exist.

And Johannes said:

Can you turn off all the health data collecting stuff?

While Dirk's comment was probably meant to be snarky, I believe this is very true. Apple Watch is so far the best attempt I have seen to fix this one particular problem: we don't exercise enough. And with we I don't mean those people who are active. I mean Joe Public who rides his car to work, parks near the entrance, and then takes the elevator up to his desk.

And to Johannes' question: yes, you can turn it off. You are not forced to get an assessment of how you are doing. I understand the privacy concern. For me, and that's just my personal opinion, the benefits outweigh my concerns by a huge margin.

Discuss. ;-)


Full ACK it is for me. I had to turn 35 to realize how important being healthy is. I made many small changes, lost 25 Kilos on the way, still counting. I am still trying to improve every day. For me, Microsoft Band (in this case) is help and motivation. I could and would do without, but this way it is just a little easier.

Hubert Stettner, 2015-06-02

You've nailed it down... and I did not mean to be snarky. We have automated our lifes more and more, just to realize at some point that we have lost some very basic abilities. Whoever has decided for themselves to fix that, has taken a good decision - if someone else has made some money along the way, by selling apps/hw, that's fine by me.

Dirk Rose, 2015-06-04

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