Addicted to Activities

by Volker Weber

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Here is something nobody tells you before you get your Apple Watch: Activities are addictive. Once you closed all rings for a couple of days, you can't stop. And when the week is completed, and you completed an activity (move, exercise, stand) all seven days, you get a medal. And if you completed all of them, you get another medal. And then, as the streak gets longer and longer, you get another medal for longest streak, every single day. And then you think about cheating: if I set the calorie goal really low, I might win the 200%, 300%, 400% move goal medal. Which is impossible to achieve, if you set realistic goals.

There is no stopping. And that is actually very good for you. Because it keeps you moving. Well played, Apple. #dontbreakthechain


I strongly disagree. I am shockingly proud not to get worried by missing my goals. :-)

Martin Kautz, 2015-06-07

Achievement: You have left the house! ;)

You are addicted to exercise I guess. But to achievements? Well, if it works...but from what you are writing here, you don't need an activity tracker anymore, or the motivation they are supposed to give. you are motivated. ;)

Johannes Matzke, 2015-06-08

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