Xcode 7 allows anyone to download, build and ‘sideload’ iOS apps for free

by Volker Weber

Apple has changed its policy regarding permissions required to build and run apps on devices. Until now, Apple required users to pay $99/year to become a member of Apple’s Developer Program in order to run code on physical iPhone and iPads. As part of the new Developer Program, this is no longer required. Apps can be tested on devices, no purchase necessary.

If you want to submit apps to the App Store, you still need to pay up.

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Yes, but if you just want to brew something up at your kitchen table just for yourself, you don't have to pay the "entrance fee". For me, a major reason to choose Android after abandoning Windows Mobile and still another good point for BlackBerry after abandoning Android.

This and the availablity of the 6 Plus may be enough to let me switch again when I feel I should replace my current device... Very interesting, indeed.

Horst Weber, 2015-06-11

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