My take on BlackBerry Android

by Volker Weber

Horia asked me to write something about the Reuters piece on "BlackBerry may put Android on new smartphone". The thing is that I don't speculate (much) and that I have no additional insights. But let's look at a few facts:

If you connect these dots, you may be wondering why they are not already doing it. Imagine a BlackBerry hardware (with keyboard) running a secure Android platform. They could easily sell 10 million of those.


Please don't. The very reason I switched to BB10 was that (for me) Android simply sucks.

Am I doomed to always fall in love with mobile platforms soon after ending up in obscurity?

Martin Dietze, 2015-06-12

Maybe it's just you ;-) (No offense intended)

I wonder where Nokia would be today if they hadn't put that Microsoft trojan in charge and had adopted Android instead. Just imagine all that beautiful Nokia hardware with Android. I'm pretty sure they could have sold a shitload of those.

Joerg Michael, 2015-06-12

I would welcome this step if they doing it right! They take a hugh step with bringing the new BBOS 10.3 at one day for (nearly) all devices. Even the Z10 received this update. This is something which is a real big pain when comparing Andorid to iOS.
Further more there a some really nice features for someone who see a BlackBerry as working device (keyboard, hub, etc.). If they keep this and separeted workspaces which interact without any problems as one with cars (no need to sync or export contacts) Android is more than welcome!
Alot of "if"s, but when ... :-)

Torben Volkmann, 2015-06-12

BB10, especially the 10.3.2 release, is such a great O/S. That being said, if BB successfully layered their solution onto a Galaxy 6 Edge, it would be a game changer. It seems like a logical step for BB.

Jim Rainey, 2015-06-13

I don´t understand why people like that creepy Android-OS much more than BBOS 10. Does it only depends on the Hardware and the brand they don´t like?

Ralph Hammann, 2015-06-15

It does not really matter why. But I have been there before with OS/2 and Windows.

Volker Weber, 2015-06-15

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