by Volker Weber


...go totally insane with joy.

Sounds like a good tip for sharing your life with another, dog or not.

John Ash, 2015-06-13

Thx a lot for sharing...
Lying around with my cousine's old dog it made me cry after seconds.

Michael Schnatmann, 2015-06-13

John, indeed. Michael, made me cry as well.

Volker Weber, 2015-06-13

As we have recently lost our dog of 15 years to cancer, this had my wife and I in tears. Very beautifully filmed.

Chris Hudson, 2015-06-15

Beautiful! Of course it made me cry... Thanks for sharing!

Ulli Mueller, 2015-06-15

Great video. I miss my dog Cookie.

Leo Wiggins, 2015-06-19

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