Withings imports from Fitbit

by Volker Weber

Have you ever used a fitness tracker from another company? Switch-to-Withings makes it easy to retrieve your entire activity history and import it into our Health Mate app. You will have access to all your data, be awarded success badges and take immediate advantage of custom health insights. Grab your data & Go!

I expect them to offer more imports. Fitbit is just the biggest target to hit. Waiting for UP.

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That would be useful to get Fitbit data into Google Fit if they'd do that continuously (although it would be better if Fitbit did that).

Withings would be a nice tracker if they got a grip on syncing - automatic syncing works on none of the devices I tried, whereas it works just perfectly on Fitbit.

A pity - I really like the Activite Pop...

Frank Koehntopp (@koehntopp), 2015-06-29

I would much rather they fix the Withings App so that it tracks steps properly.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I use a Fitbit One. I also use SHealth and the Withings App on my phone.

As an example, my fitbit tells me I did 9190 steps yesterday. S-Health tells me I did 8505 steps, which is reasonable as I don't always carry my phone with me especially at home. The Withings app tells me I only did 5645 steps. As both the Withings App and S-Health are on the same phone using the same accelerometers, I would expect the data to be a lot closer than that.

Chris Hudson, 2015-07-01

I also found the Withings app on Galaxy S6 edge to be too conservative. On iPhone it appears to be too optimistic. If you read out all the counters, then walk for more than a thousand steps (count them), how do the apps differ from your count?

Volker Weber, 2015-07-01

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