PLAY:1 Tone not sold out

by Volker Weber



Apparently there wasn't such a big rush to pay 50$/€ extra for a Limited Edition. Sonos still shows availability. I still find very pretty and they will sellt out.


die ersten "Angebote" stehen schon bei bei e-bay: 300 bis 340 Euro ...

Heiko Müller, 2015-07-22

I tried ordering at 10 a.m. and was puzzled by the irritating "we have a queue" message, although there was no order button before 10:02 or so. Then I was in the order queue for about 5 minutes, when at first it said the wait would be 15 minutes. The whole queue system was disabled about an hour later, I think. The demand just isn't as high as I expected. 50 Euros on top is probably too much for most Sonos fans.

The 2 Tones were shipped in the afternoon and at least one's arrived at the local DHL facility already, maybe they will be delivered today.

My first Sonoses, I'm excited. :-)

Thomas Meyer, 2015-07-22

Thomas, be 100% asured: Won't be your last Sonoses ;-)

Heiko Müller, 2015-07-22

Leider scheint der Rest des Shops / der Ware dem Hype um die Play:1 Tone untergeordnet zu werden.

Letzten Freitag zwei weiße Stromkabel für die Play:1 bestellt (Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager), KK belastet. Bisher nix, keine Versandbestätigung, nada. Support "hat Anliegen an Verkaufsabteilung weitergeleitet"

Na ja, mal abwarten wann die Dinger eintrudeln...

Michael Oehme, 2015-07-22

actually I also ordered a PLAY:5 yesterday (at ueberall). Pre-fulfilling prophecy. ;)

Disclaimer, btw: Of course I'm not the Thomas Meyer at Sonos.

Thomas Meyer, 2015-07-22

Mist, ich habe momentan echt genug. Aber wahrscheinlich will ich mir das nur einreden :)...

Ingo Seifert, 2015-07-22

still available.

yes they will sell out... eventually. of course. they are limited.

i think the difference is not big enough to the normal white & black.
i think most customer think: hey they should look like this for 199€. always.

(the blue one was really special. (and some special music only added.))

matthias welling, 2015-07-22

I hope this is not the only "new" hardware they release in 2015 !!

Gaston Annebicque, 2015-07-24

The Tones arrived and the device and packaging are a sight to behold. I didn't notice that the website said that the material is "soft-touch" and it really is true, it has a very odd feel to it, which is difficult to describe. Even the outer box has a soft-touch surface and was wrapped in protective sheets so it wouldn't be damaged. The Play:1 itself is in a small white bag and the manual pack includes a bound (!) Limited Edition booklet. Is this the standard packaging for the Play:1?

Here's a small album with three pics:

Thomas Meyer, 2015-07-24

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