Tone Black or White?

by Volker Weber


I did not have the time to look at the Limited Edition SONOS PLAY:1 Tone speakers while I was away in NYC. But now I have.

Both are absolutely gorgeous and the difference between a regular and one of these Limited Edition speakers is more striking than I expected. You even want to keep the packaging on display. The speakers are covered in soft paint. Even the boxes feel soft to the touch. And I do have a favorite now. While the white speaker is very pure, the black one is my favorite.



Kommt aber sicherlich auch auf die Einrichtung an. :-)

Thomas Meyer, 2015-07-26

Logo. Bei mir gehen beide.

Volker Weber, 2015-07-26

Das erste Bauchgefühl ist meist das richtige.
Wobei ich mich persönlich auch eher #teamwhite anschließen würde.

Fotios Nisiropoulos, 2015-07-26

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