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When I said, I need consistency, Paul Mooney said something very true:

To which I replied, one can always lead by example. That does not include telling others what to do. Having said that, this is what works for me.

I have set a move goal of 600 calories per day. Last week I maxed out at around 1500. So 600 is quite easy. I have developed a routine that I can follow consistently. I walk to work 8 km at 7 o'clock in the morning, roughly 5 miles for those not on the metric system. This takes about 90 minutes and burns 400 calories at my weight and speed. It also takes care of the 10000 steps that I have set as a daily minimum.

Since I work at home, walking to work means to walk somewhere, buy some breakfast rolls and then walk back. For those who know Darmstadt, I live next to Judenfriedhof and walk around Lichtwiese to Oberfeld and back. Walking 90 minutes also takes care of the 30 minutes workout. Depending on the speed I walk it's between 40 and 60 minutes workout.

With this consistent start of the day (yes, that included Saturdays and Sundays) I have burned two thirds of my active calories, reached the exercise goal and completed a quarter of the standing goal. With this head start it is easy to cross another day off the calendar.


I could set the calorie goal to 1000 and make it most of the days. But that is not what I need. I need to have a goal that I can consistently reach every single day. That means I don't allow myself to lapse. I do not break the chain!

10000 steps is not enough to reach my weekly goal of 100 km. For that I need about 18000 steps per day on average. Not breaking the chain is necessary, but not sufficient. That is why I put in more, but mostly shorter walks during the day. Currently I do a one hour bike ride towards the evening. That does not count much in the way of steps but it's a nice cardio workout. And it does show up on the move goal.

So far Apple Watch has proven to be the best activity tracker I have tried.


Respekt, 600 kcal am Tag ist ein ordentliches Ziel.

Man muss immer herausfinden, was für einen selbst passt. Ich habe mir mein Ziel beispielsweise auf 400 kcal gesetzt, 200 kcal waren es am Anfang, weil Ich mir wirklich Ruhetage gönnen möchte und alles über 500 kcal erfordert bei mir dann doch eine sportliche Einheit am Tag. Der Ring mit dem Training bleibt also 1-2 Mal die Woche unausgefüllt. Ziel ist immer Stehen und Kalorien. Ist ein komisches Gefühl einen Ring offen zu lassen, man entwickelt doch eine gewisse Sucht alle Ringe zu füllen. Training hätte Ich zum Beispiel gerne als Wochenbilanz und nicht als tägliches Ziel.

Alles in allem eine beachtliche Steigerung bei dir, Ich glaube da komme ich irgendwann mal nach Darmstadt für eine gemeinsame Wanderung :)

Oliver Schwuchow, 2015-07-31

Nachdem ich Ende Juni noch mit unrealistischen Zielen jenseits der 700 kcal experimentiert hatte und nur halbe Kreise erreichte, bin ich gerade jetzt nur noch 300 kcal vom perfekten Monat mit durchgehend 600 kcal entfernt. Und nun: eine kleine Radtour ;)

Vielen Dank für die Empfehlungen. Works great for me.

Benjamin Bock, 2015-07-31

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