Feeling unsafe lately?

by Volker Weber

So when the original iPhone came out a few years ago, I swore in multiple heated discussions with friends and strangers that I’d never buy an iPhone. Since then, I’ve only owned Android phones. First a few HTC ones, now a Sony phone.

Well, I’m sick of it. And I’m ready to go to the dark side.

That's a security guy who can't take it anymore.

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Totally understandable. That's definitely one area where Apple reigns supreme, no questions asked. That is also one of the reasons why I bought a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 5, where both receive their updates directly from Google. Apart from the Nexus line, if you own an Android phone and don't want to depend on the mercy of your phone manufacturer, or even worse, your mobile service provider, your only option is to use a custom rom. That is, if you are so lucky that someone prepared a decent build for your particular Android phone model.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2015-08-01

I am also very satisfied with windows phone. OK some people were disappointed after they couldn't update from WP7.5. But I think it was necessary to get rid of the old code-structure...

Lukas Gerlich, 2015-08-02

@Lukas, I agree. I'm very happy with mine too. No bloatware and runs very smoothly on modest hardware. As long as it continues to be supported and further developed, I plan to stick with WP.

John Keys, 2015-08-02

Same here. Windows Phone is having a great track record here.

Hubert Stettner, 2015-08-02

Same for me with BlackBerry 10. I have the latest OS on my Z30 and my passport as well as on my old Z10 which is still running smoothly.

Heiko Voigt, 2015-08-02

@Heiko: Which OS are you running? 10.3.2? As far as I am aware, depending on how the device was distributed, carriers still have a big say in when and if a BlackBerry 10 OS update will reach your device.

If the rumours about BlackBerry releasing a device running Android are correct, I wonder if they will be have a solution for the Android OS update problem. Even Google is struggling to get the devices updated. It would be great to see BlackBerry coming up with a solution to keep the Android devices up to date.

Abdelkader Boui, 2015-08-02

@Abdelkader, yes I'm on 10.3.2 with all devices. I have them on T-Mobile, Vodafone and Fonic and got the update from all three carriers, so I'm a happy camper. But I heard that some had issues with carrier pushed updates and the delay in distribution is somewhat random. Anyways, you get the updates for all devices that run BB10. I can't imagine that BlackBerry will be able to fix this android mess but let's wait and see.

Heiko Voigt, 2015-08-03

You may have 10.3.2. The general public does not.

Volker Weber, 2015-08-03

Why 10.3.2 is not available yet for all is a different story...

Abdelkader Boui, 2015-08-03

Why isn't available as yet?

Horia Stanescu, 2015-08-03

I am still amazed at how quiet things have been in the wake of the Stagefright issue. This is a big deal yet there's been very little / no mainstream coverage of it.

Ben Poole, 2015-08-04

Same here. ATM, almost all android phones are unsecure to use and do not belong to their owners anymore. And most of them are going to stay that way forever (older or cheap models will not receive updates).
Nevertheless nobody seems to care... I don't either, but for different reasons.

Hubert Stettner, 2015-08-04

Ben, that is going to change once the train arrives.

Volker Weber, 2015-08-04

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