UE Roll :: First Impressions

by Volker Weber


I have been reading lots of reviews of the UE Roll, the little Bluetooth speaker that sounds so amazing. When I had to return my UE Boom last week, the agency offered to send a Roll in return.


It's really small and nimble, especially when compared to the Megaboom. But does it sound amazing? No, of course, it doesn't. It may sound nice when compared to cheap Bluetooth speakers, Apple earbuds or smartphone speakers. But it pales when compared to the Megaboom, and I suspect also when compared to the Boom.


What it does bring to the table is a clever and fresh design. It rests on the strap when placed on the table and you can hang it from this strap as shown in the first photo. You can also wrap the strap around other flat objects like a seat belt and fasten it to the other side.


Roll comes with the same great software features as the other UE speakers. Upgrade wirelessly, group speakers together, switch on and off over Bluetooth Smart. Pick whichever you like. But don't expect to get the same sound out of all of them.

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Wir haben die Megaboom in den Ferien zur BEschallung des Pool Areals gebraucht, zwei Wochen reichten nicht um die Batterie zu leeren. PArty Pool Stimmung :-)
Ich habe mich nicht gertraut das Ding an den Strand zu nehmen, die Lautstärkeentwicklung wäre zu gross gewesen.
Sommer Härte Test bestanden.
Bin mal gespannt was im Winter abgeht, wenn ich das Ding auf die Skipiste mitnehme und "meine Musi" bei der Abfahrt abspiele

Chris Frei, 2015-08-04

Du weisst schon, dass es zwischen an und aus noch unterschiedliche Lautstärken gibt, nicht wahr?

Volker Weber, 2015-08-04

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