Nib goes in first

by Volker Weber

Don't ever hand a Galaxy Note 5 to a kid. If you insert the pen only a few millimeters the wrong way, it will get stuck. Says the guy who destroyed a Lumia 1020 microphone by sticking the SIM removal tool in the wrong hole.



Shame they don't add a pair of holes that you could thread a string through to pull it out - a bit like a camera cord attachment point. It is inevitable that people will get it wrong.

sean cull, 2015-08-25

Very bad design IMO. Inserting the pen the wrong way either should be impossible or should cause no damage. Makes you wonder: what else is badly designed in the Note 5 that hasn't yet been noticed?

John Keys, 2015-08-25

What bothers me is that Samsung knows the design is broken and ships it anyway, with a stern warning inside a manual that no customer reads. And then, when the customer puts the pen in the wrong way, they can point at this very manual.

Volker Weber, 2015-08-26

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