Rich Karlgaard, Publisher Forbes Magazine interviews John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry

by Volker Weber

Although I have been in the same room with John Chen a number of times, I watched every minute of this intelligent interview, and I am glad I did. John Chen is the best industry leader I know, and I have met quite a few of them.

In this interview he answers two questions about BlackBerry's plans with Android in the most charming way. He does not flatly come back with a "I cannot comment on future plans and products" as most other CEOs would do. Instead he enables you to construct a solution inside your own brain without announcing anything. After you heard him, you will know that BlackBerry might be onto something really great: a more secure version of the Android experience, with all the Android apps out there.

That's what may be on your mind after having seen all the leaks about the Venice slider with a BlackBerry launcher. But John Chen has so much more to say. How you turn around a tech company, what people you need to attract, how you focus your business, all the way to an assessment of the current situation in China. Watch it. It's going to be the best hour you spend this week.


There's something in there for DNUG as well: "... I believe that you should not change names when you are not doing well...".

Heiko Voigt, 2015-09-01

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