10AppsManager uninstalls Windows 10 bloatware

by Volker Weber

10AppsManager is a freeware that will allow you to easily uninstall and reinstall the default, built-in, preinstalled Windows Store apps in Windows 10.

This is such a relief.

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I cannot translate this into English: "Ich hätt' da mal gern ein Problem!" ;)

Ingo Seifert, 2015-09-14

Do we know it's safe? I don't like that it keep reinstalling apps I'm not interested in, especially on my small tablet device with limited space. But I'm wary...

Amy Blumenfield, 2015-09-14

Hmm. I never even had any bloat ware issues with windows 10. it never asked me to install anything except skydive or whatever it's called now. did you maybe opt into something Vowe?

Johannes Matzke, 2015-09-14

Amy, if you don't trust the software, Powershell is your friend: http://vowe.net/archives/015150.html

Johannes, how about 3D Builder, Get Office, Get Skype, Xbox?

Volker Weber, 2015-09-14

well, at least they didn't jump into my face like you described it. could it be, because I have an (older) version of office installed and am using Skype?

never saw anything annoying about Xbox or 3d builder. will check it out tonight.

Johannes Matzke, 2015-09-15

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