Boom Boom

by Volker Weber


If you are looking for a robust and powerful Bluetooth speaker, I recommend Ultimate Ears. Now they have three: Roll, Boom, Megaboom. It's quite easy to devide what you want:

Boom gets an upgrade today to Boom 2. It looks almostidentical, but there are subtle changes. The underside is now exactly like the one on Megaboom. The little UE flap next to the + button is integrated, the mesh is finer, and it's now IPX7 rated: 30 minutes in one meter of water. That's actually true even if the flaps are open, they only protect the ports from getting clogged up with dirt. Boom 2 is built to survive a 5 meter drop. Depending on how loud it is playing the battery lasts for up to 15 hours. Speaking of loud, Ultimate Ears says the Boom 2 is 25 percent louder than the Boom.


I have no idea whether that claim is true. I had to give back the old unit a few weeks ago and got the new one right after IFA. I also did not choose either color of the Boom 2 or Roll. Interesting tidbit: when I spoke with Svane Hold, head of UE Europe, he said the more colors they put in the store the more black ones they sell. The finer mesh on the Boom 2 will allow them to make even more special edition prints. I'd pick the black one any day.


Boom 2 has a new trick up it's sleeve. If you pick it up and then whack it over it's head, it will pause/play. Double whack it, and it skips a track. The new Boom 2 is 199 €, just like the old one once was. But you can get that much cheaper now. Either way, highly recommended.



... as suffix to THIS headline (never mind my other post) ;-)

Markus Dierker, 2015-09-15

They look like candles from church, except the colors though. But the white and black one definitely.

Adalbert Duda, 2015-09-15

I really like the orange / purple one.

Marc Henkel, 2015-09-15

I have the Blue/red megaboom and i am NEVER giving it away. Not really carry on but wow the sound ist produces 😎

Chris frei, 2015-09-15

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