Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro

by Volker Weber


Lenovo announced a flurry of new products at IFA, many of which will not ship for months. This one should be coming soon. The 8" Yoga Tablet 3 is already available, the 10" should be coming soon, as well as the Pro model.

When I read the specs, at first I could not believe what I saw. Lenovo is going back to 1280x800 screen resolution. That is what the original Yoga Tablet had, both in 8" and 10". I still use that 8" model. Then Lenovo quickly followed up with an improved 10" tablet with full HD (1920x1020) resolution. The second generation brought this resolution to all Tablet 2 models, both 8" in 10", both for Android and Windows. And they added a 13.3" Pro model with a pico projector and a screen resolution of 2560x1440.

This year, both the 8" and 10" models are going back to the old 1280x800 screen resolution. For one simple reason: to bring the price down. Yoga Tablet 3 will be less expensive than Tablet 2 initially was. Today, you can actually get the Tablet 2 for a lower price than the new model. Which I would recommend.

The Yoga Tablet 3 Pro is a different story. That one is going back to 10" and keeps the QHD resolution. The DLP projector should be better, it moves to the hinge where it is more easily adjusted. Battery life goes from 15 hours to a whopping 18 hours. That is the one I want.

The only thing that bothers me is the Android software. My Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is still on Kitkat 4.4. It is supposed to upgrade to Lollipop 5.0 this month, obviously the second or third half of the month. Yoga Tablet 3 Pro will ship with Lollipop. And next month, Google is going to Marshmallow 6.0. It may take a year to reach the Yoga Tablets. And if the future looks anything like the past, there are no major updates after a year.


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