New kicks

by Volker Weber


New experience for me: I wear down shoes. And I never have to replace shoe laces. When I say I wear down shoes, I mean I destroy them. Not only do I wear down the outer sole, but there are actual holes in the insole. My current pace is 17 km a day, that's a little bit more than 10 miles. Seven months ago I replaced the Mojito with a Zen Pro and that one needs replacement again. In those seven months I also wore down a pair of Chucks and bought new Nike running shoes that are still good. It's safe to say I got about 2500 km out of the Zen Pro.

So the new Scarpas should barely make it through the winter and then it's time for new kicks again.


I am sure you know that every shoe should "rest"... Especially when using them much.

So you get your miles with wearing the shoe every day or every other day?

Matthias Welling , 2015-09-25

Why you don't buy a second pair of the same kind an put it on the shelf till next year, vowe?

Frank Sturm, 2015-09-28

Matthias, ja ich weiß. Weißt Du auch warum? Damit die Lederschuhe wieder trocknen und sich das Leder wieder ausdehnen kann. In meinem Fall: ja, die Schuhe können sich mehr als 20 Stunden am Tag ausruhen und ich trage sie nie länger als zwei Stunden.

Frank, nächstes Jahr gibt es wieder andere. Ich habe auch gerne mal was neues. Wenn das Design zeitlos und zurückhaltender wäre, dann könnte ich glatt ein halbes Dutzend gleiche kaufen.

Volker Weber, 2015-09-28

Congrats of the walking habit! Similar to what Matthias said, buy 2 pairs you like then alternate between them daily so they can 'recover'.

Tony Lee, 2015-09-30

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