BlackBerry CEO John Chen

by Volker Weber

Launching an Android device is a tremendous new market opportunity as we continue our focus on building a cross-platform strategy. It’s a terrific proposition for dedicated Android users who are seeking greater productivity and powerful privacy features.

Like everything John says, you have to read between the lines. I think this is a very clear commitment to Android as the future platform.

At the same time, I want to be clear: fans of BlackBerry’s workhorse BlackBerry 10 smartphones can continue to depend on us, and we appreciate their commitment. We will be releasing new updates of this powerful OS in the upcoming year.

He does not say they are building new devices for the OS. I also believe that the Passport Silver Edition was supposed to be the Porsche Design P'9984.

BlackBerry is a new company. We have new life. And we plan to continue to surprise our customers and the industry. This is just the latest move along that path.


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