Apple Watch keeps watching my activity

by Volker Weber

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At the end of the month it's time to feel achieved. ;-) It's now the fourth month in a row with a flawless track record. The move streak keeps lighting up, as it stands at 124 days. All 7/7 badges have been earned 17 times. The last badge is the 100 days badge, followed by 365, 500 and 1000 days. It will take a long time to get the 365 days badge. But tomorrow, there is going to be a 10/2015 badge that wants to be earned. A new month, everything back to zero.

I shifted my exercise from walking to riding a bike quite a bit. I am still doing 10k a day, but I needed to scale back from doing 25k. Once I complete my 6000 km walking goal for the year, I may ditch counting steps for good and only rely on achieving my activity goals.

With all the focus on activity tracking we should not forget my coach. I would not do it without her.



I admire your Motivation, Volker. Maybe you could extend coverage to teaching time management. I just don't manage to squeeze enough time out of my day. Travelling helps though. Airports and commutes make it more easy to achieve the goals...

Jens Nullmeyer, 2015-09-30

The trick is to get up early and get your exercise in before breakfast. If you are not done in the evening, skip TV or Facebook and make another round. That puts me asleep fast and lets me get up early the next day. Throughout the day, I sit a lot and Watch reminds me to get up every hour.

The exercise goal is 30 minutes but I try to make it 120. My move goal is 600 and I set it so low because I want to achieve that every day, even if I don't have two hours. Finally, 12 hours standing up is a piece of cake.

This determination is new to me. I always skipped the exercise. Now I WANT it.

Volker Weber, 2015-09-30

The coach has a rather lean look about her too!

No childhood history of organized sports I presume? This sets a pattern of activity for life in my experience.

David Richardson, 2015-10-01

That coach is the bomb. No other dog we meet can keep up with her.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-01

I never looked too closely at calories burned per hour of training, but I have the feeling that watchOS 2 counts 20-30% more than watchOS 1. Strangely, old trainings are no longer visible in my Activity app, so it's hard to compare.

Does anyone here have similar observations?

Benjamin Bock, 2015-10-01

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