How to get rid of impolite Twitter accounts

by Volker Weber


There are two ways to get into my timeline:

  1. You tweet stuff that I find interesting. Then I follow you.
  2. You pay Twitter some money to squeeze yourself into my timeline.

Number 1 is good. Number 2 is rude. If you choose to be impolite, I block you. Even if I found you interesting in the first place. And here is the cool thing: this scales very well, because everybody is invited to just import my list of impolite Twitter users into their settings. As of today it has more than 2300 entries.

You can always find it here >


(Der Link tut nicht. Diese Nachricht vernichtet sich selbst, sobald das gefixt ist)

Oliver Regelmann, 2015-10-04

Thanx for the update Volker!

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2015-10-05

I am trying to track my blocks and I am quite certain Twitter doesn't honor them, I haven't been able to confirm this yet. With hundreds, even thousands, how would anyone really know if they are coming back around. Since it seems Twitter assigns a # to them, it would be quite easy for them just to assign a new # (not blocked) and put it back in the rotation, say a month later when you've forgotten you've blocked them. I've also realized the promoted tweets differ regionally. So even though I've added your entries to my account, it's not likely that most of them would even show up in my feed due to my US geography and your geography. That being said, thank you for your list, I had imported it awhlie back when you first posted it.

Tony Kelleran, 2015-10-05

Tony, they are not coming back. How do I know? I block every single one of them. And I find them unblocked. A new Twitter ID? Hardly. My brain works very well, and quite different from other people. I would recognize them when they come back.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-05

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