by Volker Weber

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Replace "use cookies" with "store data in our datacenter outside the EU". That's what we are going to get for denying the US safe haven. Just another click. Everywhere.

Hey, there are people with Android phones concerned about privacy. Cognitive dissonance.


Its not that easy for them. Read the detailed verdict ( It will need some days until the lawyers are publishing or blogging their conclusions on that topic. Bit I am sure that 'Carry On' will definitely not work.

But there is more. In the first place we are not talking about your data. With your data you can almost do whatever you want. Let's think about *my* data. My IP address for example that you store together with my comment. If you store this data outside the EU, maybe because your server is located in a US datacenter and (the operator of that datacenter) has not bound itself to the EU Model Contract Clauses, you can get into trouble easily. I could sue you. Any other person who commented (who resides within the EU) can do too. That would cost you time and money. Of course you can lock me out or decide to shut down your website. But not everybody has these options. So a lot of services have to think about the value of privacy.

Richard Kaufmann, 2015-10-07

Luca Brasi is going to pay you a visit.

Volker Weber, 2015-10-07

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